Rubber Cuppy 12oz

Product image 1Rubber Cuppy 12oz
Product image 2Rubber Cuppy 12oz

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You have already helped the environment by purchasing a Rubber Cuppy®©!

Not only a reusable coffee cup but built from glass and recycled rubber bicycle inner tubes. 

- Regular barista standard size:  Medium 12oz/350ml

- Matte black finish, no two the same

- Vacuum seal lids that don't leak

- Zero grams of plastic

- Handmade, Handwash Only

- Replacement lids available

- Specs; Height 114mm, 350ml

Rubber Cuppy is a raw product and not refined, we believe rubber as a material has been created the way it was intended and already does an exceptional job at being used for multi-purpose applications and has already been through a manufacturing process that impacts the environment. Rubber Cuppy's design puts our Mother Nature first. 

**PLEASE NOTE - ALL orders placed from the 17/08/18 will not be shipped until the 04/09/18. This is because Adam is currently away in the outback making more good things happen! Follow him here,**

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