Our Circular Economy Practices

Traditionally business production systems use a linear model.

A 'circular economy', or 'closed loop' model, focuses on:

  • Reusing wherever possible
  • Reducing waste and emissions
  • Responsible manufacturing 
  • Increase efficient use of natural resources
  • Recycling

At Rubber Cuppy, we employ these principles and use these as a guiding light for how we design our products, and our services when it comes to making responsible products for you. 

Sourcing Materials

We work in partnership with AusPost to collect and utilise their postie bike inner tubes, to use with our products.

All of our glass is recycled, and we avoid borosilicate on our glass and other treatments to ensure that they can continue to be recycled.

Our cuppy lids, and tye tins, are made from aluminium, making them endlessly reusable.

Each product comes with a paper insert, these are always printed on recyclable material- and when we do engage with a printer- we make sure it is forest certified and printed using vegetable inks.

We use non-toxic cleaners in the office and workshop, with thanks to products like Dr Brommer's.

All of our packing material comes from ComPOSTBubble.

Making Our Products

All of our products are handmade, use human powered energy. It doesn't get more sustainable than that!


Where possible, we offer a bike courier service. You will see on the product listing the suburbs that we deliver to. Please keep in mind that you will need to be patient- as we only offer this service once a month. But it's definitely worth the wait!

Take Back

Once our product starts to break down, it might be a broken cuppy, or hair tye- we will take them back and through our partnership with Charlie at Recycle Bike Tyres, you can rest assured that they will be given a third life as a road, athletic track, or playground surface. 


We are updating this constantly, as we look further afield and continue to investigate how we can continue to close our loops.

If you'd like to explore adding closed loop practices to your business, we do offer mentorships. Please go to our contact page to enquire about this. 

And, if you see an opportunity for us to further add circular economy to our current practices- we would love to hear from you. Let's work together to make the planet a better place!

Read more about Circular Economy here 

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COVID 19 & Rubber Cuppy

Thank you so much for all your support. But due to COVID19 and being based in Victoria, we have made the hard decision of ceasing making products until later in 2020. We hope everyone is keeping safe during these times. Please stay in touch, RCx

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