We've been making these Cuppy’s since 2017- and we’ve learnt heaps!
Here's some questions and answers that we've put together for you. If you think we've overlooked something, or you need more info, or have feedback- please email us accounts@rubbercuppy.com.au


What makes Rubber Cuppy the better choice?

- Zero grams of plastic

- Made from used bicycle tubes that would otherwise go into landfill

- Supporting, and working with local bike stores to close their loop and become circular

- Glassware, we don't use any chemicals or toxic compounds in the making of our cups

- Vacuum sealed lids means no leaks

- Your coffee order can be written on the rubber, we recommend chalk markers or paint pens. Sometimes, the reusable cup is great- but then comes the sticky notes... Rubber Cuppy let's you avoid that.

What are the sizes?

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What is Rubber Cuppy made of?

Rubber Cuppys are made from sustainable food safe glassware- glass is one of the things that can truly be called environmentally friendly, and fully sustainable. And you can read more here. The lids are made from metal. The glass is flint glass. Did you know tempered glass can't be recycled? Our glass is fully recyclable. And the rubber sleeve is made of up-cycled bicycle inner tubes, that have been ridden on the streets of Melbourne- before finding their new home on your Rubber Cuppy.

Oh, and- there is zero grams plastic on your Rubber Cuppy. Which we think is pretty neat.

Does Rubber Cuppy leak?

Our lids have a built in vacuum seal that activates when the lid is closed with your warm drink inside. It requires only a gentle turn of the lid to get it into place. If you overturn, you run the risk of damaging the threading. If this happens, please write to us for a spare lid (check our online store).

If your cup is leaking, in most cases it means there was some liquid already in the lid that has run out the side. Check the lid is dry before putting on your Cuppy to ensure zero leaks. Otherwise, you may have dinged the lid or broken the threading. Check our online store to order a replacement lid. 

Can I pick up my coffee straight away?

You can pick up your fresh hot coffee straight away, no problems. For a cup of tea, long black, or boiling water it may need a minute. And soon you will be able to order an additional thermal band, made especially for tea drinkers and long black sippers. The rubber helps to keep your coffee insulated on the inside, warm on the outside, and the texture gives you extra grip.

Australia / Tradies / Dashboards - YES.

Up-cycled bike tubes. But why?

Did you know that each year in Australia 48 million inner tubes are put into landfill? And whilst tyres can be reformed and reused in a variety of materials, inner tubes cannot and go directly to our landfills. Tyre inner tubes have shown to be a bigger environmental problem than we first thought. We've partnered with Australia Post to collect inner tubes from their postie bikes. So now, your Cuppy's are in their second career- or retirement phase. Please give them some extra love and tender care.

Care Instruction for Rubber Cuppy

Handmade = hand wash. Your friendly barista may even give the glass a rinse for you, and the rubber can be wiped with a damp cloth. We don't recommend putting these in the dishwasher or removing the rubber sleeve. They just need a quick rinse under hot water and a wipe. The Cuppy also benefits from being moisturised with coconut oil, this will help increase the longevity of your rubber sleeve. 

Does the Rubber smell?

We sometimes get feedback on this and have included it in our care instructions and FAQs. Initially the rubber from the Cuppy can smell, this will naturally go away with use. But it can be helped along by rubbing in coconut oil to the rubber skin. This will reduce the smell and increase the longevity of this material. We recommend a 1/4 of teaspoon of coconut oil. Rub this in by hand, and wipe any remaining oil away with a cloth. Wash hands afterwards. 

Can I get my company branding on a Rubber Cuppy?

We now offer two types of branding. Engraving, and print logo branding. There are minimum orders, please contact us to find out more, accounts@rubbercuppy.com.au

Where are Rubber Cuppys made?

Rubber Cuppys are handmade in Melbourne, using locally collected bicycle tubes and imported Italian glassware. Any printing is done with our local Eco printers using plant-based inks and recycled/or up-cycled paper.

Can I order a spare lid for my Cuppy?

Yes you can. Please see our Store for spare lids.

Help, my lid has broken and it's only been 30 days

Sometimes the lids can become dented or dinged. If this happens within 30 days of purchase, we will replace it for you. Please send us an image of your lid, your order number (if you have it) and your postal address in an email and we will send you out a replacement for the cost of shipping. 

Help, my glass has broken

Rubber Cuppy's are perfect for serving your cafe lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, hot chocolates and flat whites in. Be careful not to fill a cold Rubber Cuppy directly with hot water, i.e, long black, tea- as like all glass, this could create rapid expansion and cause a crack in your Rubber Cuppy. The best way to avoid causing a crack in your Rubber Cuppy, especially for hot drinks, is to rinse your Cuppy in warm water first then add the hot water.

Is your Rubber Cuppy is too hot to pick up? You can purchase an extra thermal band, made especially for hot tea and long black drinkers. Available soon.

If your Rubber Cuppy breaks within 30 days, send us an email with a photo and your proof of purchase. We will then be able to send you a new glass for the cost of postage. If this happens outside of the 30 days you can buy a new glass in our Online Store.

Help, my rubber sleeve has broken

That's no good. Let's get this sorted. If your rubber sleeve breaks within 30 days, send us an email with a photo and your proof of purchase. We will then ask you to post this back to us so that we can renew it for you for the cost of postage. If this happens outside of the 30 days you can buy a new Rubber Cuppy in our Online Store.

I've taken my Rubber Cuppy sleeve off to clean it.

Firstly, we don't recommend taking it off. Putting them back on can result in the Cuppy springing out of your hands and breaking. If you have removed the skin, please send us an email

Product Guarantee

Rubber Cuppy will replace any product showing manufacturing defects with the same of similar product within one year of purchase. We require physical or photographic evidence of this. We cover manufacturing defects, but not defects from general wear and tear. All of our Rubber Cuppys are handmade with attention to detail, quality and durability. For more general care instructions please see our Care Instructions above.

Important User Information

- Before using for the first time you should wash the cup and lid

- Rinse your Rubber Cuppy after each use, particularly the inner lid

- Enjoy your Rubber Cuppy, tell your Barista about it, tell your friends and your family! Let everyone know that you are now using an honestly sustainable reusable cup.

Can I fill my Rubber Cuppy with boiling water?

Boiling water can help the pressure to build up. We recommend waiting before putting your lid on. Do not overfill. And see our Store for additional sleeves "Coming Soon" for tea drinkers.

Can my Rubber Cuppy go in the microwave?

We do not recommend heating the Rubber Cuppy in the microwave.

Is Rubber Cuppy food safe?

We use food safe glassware and lids, there is no contact between the drink, your mouth and the rubber. If you are a supplier, we can send you our spec sheet and we do this so that you can have assurance with your customers. Please email us. 

Product Warranty

Rubber Cuppy warrants that the product shall be and remain free from defects in materials and workmanship for twelve months from the date of delivery. The warranty does not extend to wear and tear. 

Rubber Cuppy will replace any defective cups at our sole cost, less the shipping and delivery, upon satisfactory evidence of a defective item or part.

Rubber Cuppy sizes

Rubber Cuppy is available in an 8oz and 12oz, standard sizing. With a 18oz for water and smoothies available soon.


We use environmentally responsible packaging as much as possible. This includes recycled paper packs and tubes, reused and recycled cardboard boxes, reused newsprint and cardboard padding, shredded paper, biodegradable cellophane bags, and recycled brown kraft wrapping paper.

We also reuse packaging materials from the bike stores - so sometimes you may find eg bubble wrap, plastic wrap or other materials in our cartons. We hope that you give these materials a longer life by reusing them in turn, and recycling what you can't reuse.

Can't find what you're looking for, and have more questions?

Please contact us rubbercuppy@gmail.com

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COVID 19 & Rubber Cuppy

Thank you so much for all your support. But due to COVID19 and being based in Victoria, we have made the hard decision of ceasing making products until later in 2020. We hope everyone is keeping safe during these times. Please stay in touch, RCx

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