Get Your Brand Onto a Rubber Cuppy And Help The Environment

Why Co-brand With Rubber Cuppy?

We still need to do more market testing to identify our ‘value proposition’. But this is what we have found so far:
  • Show your business is sustainable
  • The rubber skin utilises a waste product that would otherwise go to landfill, which adds another environmental impact to removing single-use cups. In our first five months of trading,  we’ve already rescued 250+ and counting inner tubes from landfill!
  • The twist lid allows baristas to easily close these when serving
  • The glass, and zero grams plastic does not affect the taste of the coffee
  • The removable lid does not affect the coffee drinking experience
  • There is zero grams plastic in our design
  • Our products are handmade, no two are the same, customers have aesthetic options
  • They can be clearly identified as an inner tube due to the nature of the rubber tread
  • Rubber Cuppy’s are leak-free, with a vacuum sealed lid
  • NOTE: We are always asking for feedback and improving our Rubber Cuppy products and will update this list as we go

If you would like to proceed with a branding order or enquiry, please email Or fill in the form above.

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