Get Your Brand Onto a Rubber Cuppy And Help The Environment

Why Co-brand With Rubber Cuppy?

  • Show that your business is sustainable and on the forefront of what a truly environmentally friendly product is. You're no fool.
  • The twist lid allows baristas to easily close these when serving
  • There are zero-grams of plastic in our design, it will not effect the taste of your delicious baristas brews
  • We have a straightforward product lifecycle. The glass and aluminum lids are endlessly recyclable, and the tube has been upcycled and minimised for future landfill. We are proud to claim that we will break down!
  • Our products are handmade, no two are the same, and customers have aesthetic options
  • Rubber Cuppy’s are leak-free, with a vacuum sealed lid
  • The rubber skin utilises a waste product that would otherwise go to landfill, which adds another environmental impact to removing single-use cups. In our first ten months of trading,  we’ve already rescued 1000+ and counting inner tubes from landfill!
  • NOTE: We are always asking for feedback and improving our Rubber Cuppy products and will update this list as we go. Do you have feedback? Write to us below!

If you would like to proceed with a branding order or enquiry, please email 

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