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About Rubber Cuppy:

Rubber Cuppy is an environmentally turbo-charged reusable coffee cup to sip responsibly. Not only is it a reusable coffee cup, it is built from glass and upcycled rubber inner tubes, saving yet more waste that would have headed to landfill. 

No two Rubber Cuppy’s are the same, they each have their own unique markings and you can choose to brand them too!

Rubber Cuppy’s were designed with an active lifestyle in mind, they don’t leak and are durable. 

Why choose Rubber Cuppy?
Rubber Cuppy is aiming to take people away from single-use coffee cups. 

Did you know that each year in Australia, 1 Billion single-use coffee cups and 48 million inner tubes are put into landfill?
When someone chooses Rubber Cuppy, they take rubber inner tubes out of landfill. For every five Rubber Cuppy’s made and sold, one inner tube is saved from landfill.

Whilst tyres can be reformed and reused in a variety of materials, inner tubes cannot and go directly to landfill. Tyre inner tubes have shown to be a bigger environmental problem than we first thought and we want to help eliminate the impact on the environment. 

The bottom up social impact

Based on our assumptions, if one person uses two single-use cups at work each day and there are 260 workdays each year, they use 500 single-use cups per annum. 

If we convert one person over to a Rubber Cuppy, all that waste is saved and 1/5th of an inner tube is taken out of landfill. Win-win! 

Help us make the planet a better place. 

How did it all start?

This is what happens when a ‘food waste warrior’ barista (Jessie) and a bicycle mechanic (Adam) get together.

In January 2017, Jessie went to a local health food shop to purchase two reusable cups for her and Adam to use when commuting on their bikes and purchasing take-away coffee.

 The options available, all included plastic, with designs that would leak with a high action lifestyle (ie. bike riding) and none seemed instantly environmentally friendly. 

Jessie walked away from this potential purchase empty handed. Adam, working at a bicycle store, saw first-hand the waste caused by single-use inner tubes. After a conversation between the two, Adam returned home with the first of two Rubber Cuppy’s. 

Rubber Cuppy has been trading since July 2017.

Who are the co-founders?

Adam Hough and Jessie Alice both co-founded Rubber Cuppy in January of 2017. Adam is a professional BMX athlete and bicycle mechanic. Jessie runs Leftover Lovers, which is a food waste project and she is an ambassador for reducing food waste and improving food security in Melbourne, Australia.

Together, they are both interested in reducing waste, commute by bicycle and are regular coffee drinkers.


The quick run-down:

Sustainable glassware & up-cycled bicycle tubes.
Reusable cups for your coffee. 
Personalisation available.
Our products are available online, or see our stockists for nearby retailers.
Rubber Cuppy is proudly made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Join the movement and purchase a 8oz, 12oz or 16oz Rubber Cuppy, so we can continue to create a positive environmental impact.

After just five months of trading, we received these accolades! Thank You! More press & media info HERE.
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    COVID 19 & Rubber Cuppy

    Thank you so much for all your support. But due to COVID19 and being based in Victoria, we have made the hard decision of ceasing making products until later in 2020. We hope everyone is keeping safe during these times. Please stay in touch, RCx

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